Getting the newspaper
Weekly Discourse Column

Newspaper Love Affair

I love to hold a newspaper in my hand, to read it and to feel it. Paper is, admittedly, not the most effective way to get the news. I have a system for rehabilitating waterlogged copies and my snowblower has had a run in with one or two, but the overall user experience can’t be beat.

The sound of the pages turning, the satisfaction of completing a good fold to keep the section crisp. It isn’t a good Sunday unless there’s a little bit of ink smudged on my hands.

Crappy TV Nice Camera
Weekly Discourse Column

Why I’m More Embarrassed by My Nice Camera than By My Crappy TV

The first thing everyone notices when they walk into my house is the old box TV sitting prominently in my front living room. This seems like a source of embarrassment to most people, as one time, the front door hadn’t even shut when a visiting ten-year-old asked “How can you watch that thing!?”

It was perhaps the first picture tube his entitled little eyes had ever seen.

Weekly Discourse Column

Chasing Andy Rooney

During the recent hoopla over the latest lottery jackpot, I asked my wife what she would do with herself if money were no longer a concern. I don’t know what she said because as soon as I asked the question, I started thinking of my own answer and stopped listening.

This happens often.

My answer was simple – if I could do anything with my life, I would be a modern-day Andy Rooney. Mostly, just to get away with using words like “hoopla.”